Tides of Change

The Uranus

To Myrrhage!

The characters hear of a strange, new world about 1000 miles from here. They call it Myrrhage and they say it’s abundant with resources. The characters decide to travel to this new place and take the next ship out of town. They’re met by a stout dwarf who looks like he’s been through a lot but still smiles through missing teeth. He introduces himself as Daled and asks for a 30 gp fare.

The players pay, negotiate and perform other shenanigans, then finally board the ship named The Uranus (meaning “sky” or “heaven” in Ancient Greek mythology). They’re rushed below deck as the Captain and deckhands get to work setting the ship to sail. A few hours later, one of the deckhands throws them a surprise below deck. Three Giant Crabs are thrown at them.

Daled says you work for your fare. I hope you like crab stew!

They’re immediately put to work to kill their own dinner. They finally defeat the crabs, after almost setting the ship on fire, and Slog cooks them up with one missing. Vavira and Ana have secretly stolen one of them.

On the ship, there’s not much to do for the next 10 days of travel. Dova decides to join the ship’s fight club which is what the sailors do for fun. Set resorts to praying in his room, Ana reading in hers, and Vavira practices her archery skills.

Only hours from Umbertide port in Myrrhage, they hear a commotion above deck. They rush up to see Daled, Slog and the Captain in heated combat against pirates. They rush to their aid and have no trouble defeating and scaring the pirates off. Daled gives them a reward for their help in saving his and the crew’s lives.


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