Tides of Change

Taverns and Wilderness

Rothilion's Contract

After the trouble on the ship, they eventually make it to Umbertide in one piece. They go to The Lazy Ferret, a tavern that Daled’s wife works at. They have a few drinks, some food, and chat amongst themselves. Suddenly a half-elven, well-dressed man enters and asks for aid with a task to rid the Crystal Caverns of a goblin problem so that his business may mine it for its ores.

The characters decide to partake this task and are met with resistance by a band of thugs also relaxing at the tavern. There is one human, one goliath, and one half-orc. They try to solve the problem diplomatically and find that they’re only digging an early grave. The situation starts to escalate as Set tries to use magic and the half orc’s temper starts to get the better of her.

Dova almost cuts through the orc’s chest as she leaves the tavern clutching her chest. Vavira’s shots go awry as Ana continues to try to reason with the thugs. The human sees his ally almost cut down in one blow and leaves, while Set uses magic on the goliath to make him leave. Patrons at the tavern are a bit shocked as they watch this interesting, almost comical, display. It all happened so quickly and no one was harmed except for the half-orc. The characters sign the contract with Rothilion after the fiasco and immediately make their way to the Crystal Caverns in the middle of the night.

The follow the river to the caverns for a few hours when they suddenly feel like they’re being followed. Vavira notices two wolves in the thicket and decides to give them morsels of food from the giant crab they killed. She uses ‘Speak with Animals’ to get information from them and scout out their path. They tell her that something dangerous is up ahead.

The players try to find a way around the obstacle when Set gets webbed to the ground and a giant spider comes out of the dark. Vavira, with her ‘Speak with Animals’ spell running out, is able to discern that the spider wants to feed them to her babies.

They are able to take out the giant spider and her two babies, but Ana collapses due to poison. Set uses his knowledge of medicine and herbs to stabilize Ana and heal some of her health back.They then continue on their way to the Crystal Caverns.


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