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  • Welcome to your campaign!

    Wondering how to get started? Here are a few tips: h4. 1. Invite your players Invite them with either their email address or their Obsidian Portal username. h4.

    Character Creation

    We spend a few hours creating characters and talking about the setting of the campaign. Connie: [[:ana-celesear | Ana Celesear]] Ryan: [[:dova | Dova]] Jason: [[:settannas-drodeth | Set]] Jenna: [[:vavira | Vavira]]

  • The Uranus

    The characters hear of a strange, new world about 1000 miles from here. They call it Myrrhage and they say it's abundant with resources. The characters decide to travel to this new place and take the next ship out of town. They're met by a stout dwarf who …

  • Taverns and Wilderness

    After the trouble on the ship, they eventually make it to Umbertide in one piece. They go to The Lazy Ferret, a tavern that Daled's wife works at. They have a few drinks, some food, and chat amongst themselves. Suddenly a half-elven, well-dressed man …

  • Crystal Caverns

    After finding the entrance to the cave, the party took a long rest while Dova stood guard and watched as the goblins patrolled the entrance. They moved in during the night, taking out the goblins swiftly. The first two caverns had only six goblin …

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