Tides of Change

Crystal Caverns


After finding the entrance to the cave, the party took a long rest while Dova stood guard and watched as the goblins patrolled the entrance. They moved in during the night, taking out the goblins swiftly. The first two caverns had only six goblin patrollers with not much to their names.

The last cavern, however, was occupied by three hobgoblins that were much larger in size and smarter. As Dova was the first one in, he took on one of the hobgoblin bodyguards, just barely taking any wounds. Ana moved in next, trying to take on the archer and the leader. As Set and Vavira finally entered the battle, what looked to be the leader of the hobgoblins triggered a trap that closed them all into this section of the cave.

The odds were starting to look against their favour, even after taking down the bodyguards, when the leader almost knocks Ana unconscious with one blow. Dova moves in to protect her and the leader leaves him clinging to life with two strong blows. Set is able to provide Ana with a potion and he then tries to take on the leader in melee combat. Vavira finally deals the finishing blow, shooting an arrow into the skull of hobgoblin who almost took down their party.

Trapped inside the cave and running out of oxygen quickly, the party notices two pressure plates meant to reverse the trap. They were able to use the three dead hobgoblin bodies and Dova as weights on the pressure plates to undo the trap. Taking their loot and relieved to be alive, they start to exit the cave.

Upon returning to the next cavern, they’re met with a large brown bear who’s found his way in. They immediately start panicking when the bear suddenly morphs into a small, half-elven female with auburn hair.

Wait, I’ve only come as a scout for Rothilion. My name is Nueleth, and I see you’ve done your job.


rizbalt rizbalt

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